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Tony Gedge: Big Ideas Guy

An ex-night club owner, he never took a Degree in business and he doesn’t give his business opinion utony gedgenless asked.

He spends his spare time writing books, a Scout Leader, mountain biker, and trying to master the art of kite and wind surfing.

His Spanish expat community call him an obsessive. Some clients call him quirky. But he’s also a serial entrepreneur. He started his first journey at just 16 yrs. of age as DJ-ing in a dive called the Upstairs, Downstairs in Armley, Leeds.

And in the nearly two and a half decades that have elapsed since then, he has set up a dozen successful businesses in a variety of industries and created half a dozen legacies.

Creating the Leeds Fringe Film Festival, Leeds Food and Drink Festival, he produced a music video launching the Leeds Film Festival featuring the world famous group Nightmares on Wax, created and named the ‘Exchange Quarter’ a rundown area  in Leeds city centre, he was Leeds City Centre Rotary Club President, owned 2 nightclubs and sold one, lost £150,000 on his record label, worked with mentally and physically disabled kids for 3 months in America, got married and had twins, set up a dental charity; Dental Mavericks  to give back to Moroccan kids, moved to Spain, fund raises for 8 local charities a year under the MPOD Foundation, and loves  to do what he wants, when he wants, with who he wants, charging what he wants from where he wants.

His last business Tony admits to launching, Marketing Pirates of Dentistry that he runs with his wife Cally from their homes in Spain, a Membership based company that provides advice and training in sales and marketing for private dentists.

Started initially as an informal weekly email to a handful of his protégés, it quickly morphed into a private members club with one hundred private dentists.

Tony Gedge is an R.O.I – return on investment marketing strategist, practice building and turnaround mentor. He is editor of three R.O.I – return on investment newsletters for adding more purpose and progress and profit to dental practices.

For the past nine years Tony has published three print newsletter for his network including ‘The Marketing Pirates of Dentistry Letter’, The R.O.I Letter, and The Profitable Practice  delivering high yield marketing insights and for his ‘Sat on the Shoulders of Giants’ interview series Tony has interviewed over 350 authors, entrepreneurs, and business growth specialists including Paddi Lund, Yar Zuk, Larry Rosenthal, Paul Dunn and hundreds more.

Tony’s primary focus of his business life these days, however, is searching the globe for cutting edge information, technologies, ideas he can steal and distribute to his Membership, and personal clients and his elite MPOD Royal Ruby Red Mastermind group that assists them to constantly re-invent themselves and their businesses.

He studies history of advertising and marketing and holds the world’s largest ad collections featuring famous copywriters from the early 1900’s. Tony also researches and collects artefacts from the greatest business minds that dentistry has ever produced including Dr Painless Parker, and showman PT Barnum, members of the highly secretive Lunar Society that started the Industrial Revolution including Josiah Wedgewood, Joseph Priestly and Ben Franklin.

In 2012, Harry Gedge died of mouth cancer. He choked to death on his 85 year old father’s kitchen floor. He was an alcoholic and had his voice box removed but had forgotten to clean his throat and that was his end.

Harry’s son, Tony Gedge, was deeply upset over the sudden death of his father and decided he and his clients could make a difference. His network are on a crusade to change the shocking statistic of “FIVE a DAY”, who Die from Mouth Cancer each year in the UK.

Canadian dentist and friend of Gedge, Dr. Michael Zuk bought John Lennon’s tooth at auction for a record breaking $32,000. They decided to take John Lennon’s Tooth on tour in 2012 to highlight mouth cancer.

Their audacious goal starting 2013 is to reduce the “FIVE a DAY” to “FOUR a DAY.”

So in 2012 fifteen progressive UK dental practices took part in the now infamous “John Lennon’s Tooth Tour”, celebrating Beatles Mania 50th Celebration and to REDUCE MOUTH CANCER.

And even more important the innovative campaign was a global success appearing on TV, radio, and print including the BBC, ITV, ABC, The Probe, and The Times, as well as local media to participating practices. Furthermore, each dental practice performed “free mouth cancer screenings”. And over six hundred patients were seen and a handful referred to their local hospital for further treatment.

In May 2014, fifteen dental practices will grab the opportunity to have fun, gain media coverage, and at the same time highlight MOUTH CANCER. But this time, ELVIS is in the building.

Dr. Michael Zuk also bought ‘The Kings Crown’, and has agreed to let this go on a UK tour to …ELVIS- Bad Boy of Rock Tour Featuring The Kings Crown – End ‘Five a Day’ Dying from Mouth Cancer

Tony writes about unconventional sales and marketing ideas (“somewhat badly,” he says), as well as reports, books, videos, audio books on personal development. “I love my readership that appreciates the way I look at things”, Tony says. “And that is stimulating.”

His books and business development programs include The Hidden Persuaders, 66 Marketing Secrets for Private Dentists, and eleven other practice growth systems.

“How to Stop Her Search with You”, his twelfth initiative. Tony continues to write about sales and marketing and personal development strategies for private practice on a daily, weekly basis in the Marketing Pirates of Dentistry e-zine and private client newsletters.

Tony is available for two speaking engagements per year depending on location. This fee is donated to Dental Mavericks. He also allows 4 days per year for private practice visits £4, 800 per day with a 15 percent donation to the Dental Mavericks charity. Tony is one of the highest fee earners of direct response copywriters in the UK private dental market generating £10,000 to £50,000 per project with ongoing monthly management & royalty compensation.

In fact, over 80 percent of all clients who hire Tony for consulting, mentoring or direct response copywriting projects, do so repeatedly. Just to give you an insight, to write copy for a letter, email follow up, website, information positioning product creation or newspaper insert (yes, offline is just as potent if not more than online) his fee typically ranges from £5,000 to £25,000. This is not a brag, Tony says, “I lost my ego when after selling out of the night club business, and this statement is to re-enforce the value of what you are about to read on this website and implement, because in this website you are privy to the same methods, processes, systems, and the most reliable income producing strategies that I use each day to do this work.” Tony occasionally accepts copywriting clients if the practice has untapped potential.

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